The European standard UNI EN 14065 "Laundry treated textiles - Biocontamination control system" allows industrial laundries to implement a quality system that aims to control the microbiological quality of the garments treated.

This certification aims to guarantee the microbiological quality of the textiles treated, especially if used in specific sectors (healthcare) and guarantees greater process control and high quality standards.

Certification in accordance with UNI EN 14065 allows any company operating in the sector of industrial laundry services specialized for the rental and restoration of linen and work clothes to differentiate itself, making the quality of its services emerge in a tangible and verifiable way and reassures customers about compliance with the established requirements from the norm. In addition, certified industrial laundries will have the opportunity to offer greater qualifications for tenders for social-health and welfare structures.

The standard UNI EN 14065 broadly follows the requirements set out in the UNI EN ISO 9001, therefore, companies that already have a certified quality management system will have an advantage by having to "only" adapt to the additional requirements required by UNI EN 14065

Recipients: industrial laundries that provide services to sectors such as: hospital and healthcare, food, pharmaceutical, collective catering and hotel sectors.