The beaches are characterized by multiple uses and needs, and subject to very complex tourist compression and therefore their management necessarily requires attention to various aspects.

ISO 13009 - Tourism and related services. Requirements and recommendations for the functioning of the beach, establishes the quality requirements for the correct management of the beaches and guarantees a high level of services provided:

  1. Sustainable business management with low environmental impact of the structures
  2. Cleaning and waste collection
  3. Cleaning the sea
  4. Accessibility level
  5. Security and information and communication
  6. Improve the performance of tourist services
  7. Risk and emergency management, accident prevention
  8. Improvement of the economic and social fabric of seaside resorts

In particular, annex C of the standard defines the minimum requirements that the infrastructures must meet (buildings, showers, sanitary services, infirmary, shading, signage, etc.

By choosing to certify beach management according to the international standard ISO 13009: 2015, operators who manage bathing establishments attest to sustainable beach management and compliance with certain quality requirements of the service and facilities.