The "Environmental Management Systems Certification"Issued by an Independent Third Party Body, it guarantees that the Organization has set up its Production Processes in full compliance with the Constraints provided for by the current legislation regarding the conservation and protection aspects of the Environment, as well as assuming the voluntary adoption of rules and continuous improvement objectives that take into account the information regarding the Significant Environmental Impacts.

To achieve this Certification, it is essential that the Company or Entity requesting it has adopted and implemented an Environmental Safeguard Policy within its Production and Management Process that is respectful of the conditions set by the standard. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

This Standard specifies the Requirements to which an Environmental Management model must correspond, applicable to all organizations, regardless of their type and size and the type of products or services provided.

The Document certifying the Certification is obtained by voluntarily submitting the Organization to a Verification of Conformity (Certification Audit) which guarantees to the Certifying Body the ability of the Organization to know how to correctly interpret and equally correctly Apply and Manage what is foreseen from the various points of the standard itself.