Complex of activities that allow the organization to monitor its performance anonymously and confidentially.


Mystery audit is that incognito audit activity which, thanks to specially trained personnel, offers the possibility to an organization to evaluate and monitor the quality of the services provided from the customer's point of view, according to the UNI / TS 11312.


- Check the performance levels of a service and any malfunctions;
- Better understand customer expectations;
- Evaluate the competence of the staff and the effectiveness of the training carried out;
- Compare their efficiency in terms of productivity, quality and business practices with competitors;
- Collect useful data and information for new market research.


While in the past the mystery audit activity was limited to limited areas, today, thanks to the expansion of economic activities, incognito audit is the winning key for all those companies that want to make their way in an increasingly competitive and selective market.

In fact, this technique affects companies and organizations operating in various sectors:

- Tourism, gastronomic and hospitality sectors
- Transport sectors
- Healthcare sector
- Banking / insurance sector
- PA
- Training (public and private)
- Shops and large-scale distribution
- Telephone companies
- Estate agents
- Organizations related to the traveler and the car
- Organizations offering security services
- Organizations offering online services


Undercover auditing is a complex activity based on ethical and professional principles. "Certy Ceq"Provides its customers with professionally qualified auditors in accordance with the provisions of the law UNI / TS 11312 "Quality in services - Guidelines for incognito audits", a document that provides guidelines for the design, planning, management and conduct of audits carried out in an "incognito" manner at organizations whose services (and any associated products) are delivered (and supplied), directly or outsourced, to end customers (users, consumers, citizens, tourists, patients, etc.).