The standard ISO 22716: 2008 "Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices" establishes guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipping of cosmetic products with the aim of guaranteeing the consumer high standards of health and hygiene safety. 

The standard ISO 22716 it is the first international document that establishes the principles for the application of Good Manufacturing Practices in companies producing cosmetic products. Good Manufacturing Practices consist of a set of instructions, operating rules and organizational guidelines aimed at regulating the human, technical and administrative factors that can affect the quality of the product (personnel, production premises, equipment, raw materials, materials packaging, quality control laboratories).

The objective of Good Manufacturing Practices is to define the activities that allow the finished product to meet the consumer's safety expectations. Therefore the attestation of conformity to the standard ISO 22716 allows cosmetic companies to make their commitment to the production of compliant cosmetic products visible, to gain consumer confidence, to respond to the demands of European and world markets by adopting a recognized production standard, to use a preventive approach to managing hazards at internal of a more complex management system, such as the Quality Management System.