CERTY CEQ SRL, aware that the certification of Management Systems and Production Control in the Factory has assumed decisive importance in order to guarantee the ability of an Organization to fully satisfy the requirements requested by the Customer, from product and the mandatory elements, the achievement and continuous improvement of the following measurable objectives has been set as a Quality Policy

  • -La Customer satisfaction; By developing and consolidating a relationship of mutual exchange of information with the Organizations they have voluntarily chosen CERTY CEQ SRL to certify their activities, in order to provide them with an adequate management tool with a high professional and technological content.
  • Promotion and dissemination of the Culture of Certified Management as a qualifying operational element of the Organizations, which guarantees their ability to correctly interpret unequivocally, manage consistently and promptly meet the needs of their customers and the market.
  • Motivation for Excellence. Through constant monitoring, updating and continuous improvement of its Management System in compliance with the provisions and requirements of the UNI CEI EN 17021-1 Standard and the timely qualitative and professional updating of all internal and external collaborators of the structure.

 The effective implementation of these objectives is guaranteed in a planned and systematic way by the Quality Manual, the Operating Procedures, the Regulations and other documents accompanying the Quality Manual which represent the operational tools for Quality Management of CERTY CEQ SRL at all organizational levels.

Furthermore CERTY CEQ SRL aware that the trust of the market for the certifications issued is based on the absence of conflicts of interest, objectivity, competence, transparency and impartiality of the certification body towards all interested parties, has undertaken the commitment to respond to these fundamental requests through a impartiality policy which is periodically submitted to the approval of the Guarantee Committee, an external body a CERTY CEQ SRL, consisting of representatives of trade associations, consumer associations, organizations, companies, etc:

CERTY CEQ SRL therefore undertakes to guarantee at any time the management of:

Conflicts of interest through:

  • The preparation of a risk analysis document;
  • The preparation of a code of ethics, a code of ethics and commitments to confidentiality and the absence of conflicts of interest subject to the signature of all subjects.
  • The setting up of a Guarantee Committee that safeguards impartiality as a guarantee for all conduct assumed by the CB at any time;

Objectivity and competence through:

  • The supply of qualified auditors and technical experts for audit activities with high technical skills;
  • The supply of qualified internal personnel, periodically updated on the reference regulations and competent on the application of certification procedures;
  • The endowment of a Resolution Committee made up of highly competent personnel and experts in the activities carried out by customers CERTY CEQ SRL.

Transparency ed impartiality through:

  • The preparation of a tariff subject to the approval of the Guarantee Committee whose application does not discriminate against any customer.
  • The management of appeals and complaints carried out by personnel who have not been employed in the certification process concerning that complaint or appeal and under the supervision of the Guarantee Committee;
  • The confidentiality of all information acquired from its customers through the signing of confidentiality commitments of its staff and all collaborators.

The top management of CERTY CEQ SRL, undertakes to act with the utmost impartiality, in the event of recognition of fees to consultants / consultancy companies for reporting the certified / certifying organization and in the event of the presence of a procurer, where the payment of the commission does not alter either the impartiality of the CAB nor the cost of the certification and does not place the procured client in an advantageous position for the purposes of certification.

UPDATED TO 19/07/2017